The Central New England Railway In Hopewell Junction

Featured image above:
The “Naugatuck” at Hopewell Junction in 1926 Richard Teed collection

New Haven RR engine #1 was called the Naugatuck and was used by officials to inspect the railroad. Note the passenger car style top that covered the boiler. If the weather was hot you can bet that all the officials would be riding in the comfort of the attached car rather than riding alongside the hot boiler. The Naugatuck was kept polished and painted for the railroad brass. If you look close enough you can see the shiny brass eagle that adorns the headlight.

This shot was taken from Noah Teed’s back yard with Turners Hotel at right.

We are not always serious!

Check out our WebSte for more and more about the Central New England Railway in Hopewell Junction, New Yrk.


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