The Master

Live Your Dreams 24/7

“What a player I am, in control of everything” he would say “Use one against the other and you have it all in your pockets”. Smart he was, his knowledge of how mind games work has always helped him. From a nobody to a painful dictator, his rise was a steep one. Like puppies he used the ones around him, a lollipop of love and they are ready to set the world on fire for the master. Life was heavenly, dictatorship in full swing and standing under a nonstop shower of attention, what more could he ask for? Picture perfect!

Every smart daddy believes in his games to such an extent that his ‘skills’ pull wool over his eyes. Well that’s what probably happened to him. One second he was the highness and the next, nothing more than a dumb piece of flesh! It’s just a matter of days when…

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