Congress Still Waiting Budget With AMTRAK Cuts

Quincy Herald-Whig via California Rail News

Members of Congress say a federal budget is taking shape, and they don’t anticipate big cuts to Amtrak and airports as proposed by President Donald Trump last month.

U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood, R-Dunlap, and U.S. Rep. Sam Graves, R-Tarkio, Mo., said they want to reduce federal spending overall without hurting important transportation link.

Trump released a $1.15 trillion spending plan March 16 that called for cutting U.S. Department of Transportation funding by $2.4 billion. Part of the cuts would have eliminated the $175 million in subsidies for commercial flights that serve rural airports through the Essential Air Service program. Trump also cut Amtrak funds to eliminate its long-distance routes.

“I think we’ll be able to pass (a budget) that cuts the deficit and strengthens our military while maintaining programs that are critical to our economy. But transportation infrastructure is one of those critical areas. A host of different transportation programs help keep rural, urban and suburban communities connected as efficiently as possible, and I’ll make sure that’s not overlooked during the budget process,” Graves said.


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