By M.E. Singer

The recently proposed FY18 federal budget attack against Amtrak’s 15 long distance routes was inevitable, given Amtrak’s own political gaming, operational, financial, and marketing zombie performance, and executive leadership debacle saddled with questionable political appointees in the years between David Gunn and Wick Moorman. Perhaps as pathetic as Westmoreland’s claim of “a light at the end of the tunnel” in Vietnam (1967) months prior to the NVA Tet offensive (1968) was the ruinous claim of a failed Amtrak CEO espousing his conviction that Amtrak was “on a glide-path towards solvency,” when in reality, it had become a steep slide towards bankruptcy. As well, the past eight years of leadership prior to Mr. Moorman meekly followed a political path to keep heads low and avoid Congress and labor. As the late Jim McClellan commented on an article of mine by personally communicating to me (06/23/15): “Amtrak has largely…

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