New Haven Electric Locomotives

NYNH&HRR 11kvac/600vdc
1907-14 New York, New Haven & Hartford RR
1912 New York, Westchester & Boston RR
New Haven was 25Hz from Cos Cob.
NH under PC was 25 Hz from Cos Cob.
ConnDoT/MN was 25 Hz from Cos Cob, until they switched to 60 Hz.
In the New York City area, the catenary voltage changes from the ex-PRR 11kV/25 Hz to the ex-NH 11kV/60 Hz about 174st Street in the Bronx.
This oversimplifies.
MOST of NH trackage was fed from Cos Cob.
Some bits used commercial power but, I think from NYC RR, who used 25 Hz to run the rotaries that ran the third rail.
I’d have to check to see which powered NY Connecting.
That location was also the feed for the NY Boston, and Westchester RR.
As far as I know the substation still exists to this day.
Location is near the CrossBronx Expressway and the former NH tracks.
This location by the way fed from Market (hunts Point Yard) to possibly Port Chester and the connection to Williams Bridge on the Harlem Division of the NYC at the power change point (NR tower).
After the PC merger with New Haven, GG1s started going to New Haven.
At Shell (Saugatuck), operation is to COAST ACROSS the bridge and pick up the wire on the other side.
NH pans would not go above a certain limit and would run under the rewiring horns.
The PRR pans on the GG1 could, and DID go higher (high enough to be ABOVE the rewiring horns on the far side….

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