Amex Blue Cash Clash – Everyday vs. Preferred

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American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card (no annual fee) vs Amex Blue Cash Preferred ($95 annual fee): which one makes more sense?

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Don’t let Amex Blue Cash Preferred’s $95 fee dictate which card to choose.  Let’s dive deep and find out which card is right for your personal needs.

Why Amex Blue Cash?

-Competitive cash back offers for groceries,  gas, and department stores
-Free Fico® Score 8 every month based  on Experian data
-Roadside Assistance Hotline
-Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance
-Travel Accident Insurance
-Global Assist Hotline
-Return Protection & Extended Warranty

Why Not Amex Blue Cash?

-Grocery store spending is capped at $6,000 a year (then 1%)
-American Express is not as widely accepted as Visa
-Other credit cards with better offers?
-Foreign transaction fees of 2.7%
-High annual percentage rate
-Requires good credit score

First let’s evaluate the sign-up bonuses:

Amex Blue Cash Everyday

Amex Blue…

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