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Hyperloop train RVA to DC Hyperloop train from RVA approaching DC

When I started looking into this “High Speed Rail” project just over a year ago it seemed to me that the project could be summarized in three words, ‘Lack of Imagination’, with a sub-title, ‘Confusion of Purpose’. In the succeeding twelve months I have seen little to make me change my mind.

As we all know, there has been considerable opposition within the Ashland community to this project. The ostensible reason for this opposition is that people do not wish to see their communities disrupted and even destroyed. But the fierceness of the resistance may have something to do with the fact that the justifications for the project seem to be so ephemeral and vague.

To summarize:

  • High Speed Rail implies a straight-away trains speed of 300 km/h — say 180 mph. The journey time from Richmond to D.C. would be reduced from 3 hours…

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