Richmond Fails to Make the Cut

We are the Louisville to Gaary route


Regular readers of this blog are aware that the use of hyperloop trains along the eastern corridor would (a) give us true high speed trains, and (b) resolve many of the land use conflicts that the existing DRPT plans create. (For a summary of how hyperloop works see our recent post Back to the Future.)

Well, it turns out that the hyperloop project is progressing well but our region did not make the cut for the first applications. The areas in the United States that have been listed for this technology, as reported in Hyperloop One has a short list of cities for its 760-mile-per-hour trains are:

  • Boston-Somerset
  • Cheyenne-Houston
  • Gary-Louisville
  • LA-Ensenada, MX
  • Kansas City- St. Louis
  • Miami-Orlando
  • Midwest
  • Nevada
  • Colorado (two proposals)
  • Seattle-Portland
  • Texas Triangle

The Boston and Miami sections do at least provide the beginnings of hyperloop for the east coast line.

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What California Can Learn From London About Rail Passenger Service


By Noel T. Braymer

The red lines shows the roughly 12 miles of tunneling for Crossrail in the heart of London connecting west and east areas around London with direct no transfer needed service. The boxes by the stations shows rail connections to other services at those stations.

The largest infrastructure project in Europe, at a cost of almost 19 billion dollars is now almost finished in London. Called Crossrail, with construction starting in 2009, it has over 12 miles of new double tracked tunnel in the heart of central London. With this tunnel will be 73 miles of rail service mostly using existing rail lines outside of London, connected by tunnel giving run through service from the west to the east of London. This includes 7 new underground train stations in the heart of London. Initial service is expected by December of 2018. By December 2019 a new branch…

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My Experience on Disney Property: Part 2

The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak

Hello, Disney Lovers! Happy, Saturday, and I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Tonight, I will be doing part two to my experience on Disney property. If you have not read part one, clickhere, and it will send you straight to that post. I have some fun news, so please, stick around for the end of this post!

I am going to start this post off with what our room was like at the Caribbean Beach Resort. The room was small, but in every room, they have this pull down bed from the wall that has a twin size mattress. You also get a king’s size bed or two queen’s size bed, depending on what you reserved for your rooms. You can either get a regular room or a pirate themed room. We got a regular room. Also, in the room is a table with a couple…

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