The perfect place for that special day

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Looking for the perfect place for a wedding, reunion, retirement, showers or some other type of celebration? Consider The Windamere in Middletown. I love this place! It’s beautiful. It’s rich in history and classy.

This venue used to be an old bank. After the closure of the bank, a local couple bought and completely rehabbed the location. From scrapping crap off the old marble floor, polishing and shining the still intact volts, to replacing or cleaning every aspect of this location- they did it together, little by little. But, their work paid off because it is absolutely breathtaking.

The owners, Mica and Scott are absolutely amazing to work with. They literally bend over backward to help ensure your event is the best it can possibly be.

My daughter got married here and I attended a private event, Middletown’s Ladies Night Out, and both events were absolutely beautiful. It offers approximately…

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2 thoughts on “The perfect place for that special day”

  1. One of the young men that I babysat in the 90’s was married in a ace called The Vault in Columbus Ohio. It was cool and appetizers served in the bank vault!! You could take them back to your table. Your place sounds lovely, not perhaps Middletown, Ohio by Dayton, right? 🙂


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