As a Man #2


“My mind will not hang from the strings of a puppeteer, nor will it submit to the cries of a shepherd or the whip of a slaver… My mind will reign only over itself, free and clear from the venomous influence of the corrupt”
I recently read a transcript titled “the Melian Dialogue”, based on true events during the Peloponnesian War (431 BC – 402 BC). It features a discussion between representatives of ancient Athenian invaders, and various diplomats of the small island of Melos. The Athenians sort to enslave or destroy the Melians and so sent messengers to discuss some kind of enslavement treaty. Melos, a province that rose out of Sparta many years before, pointed out how the Athenians were wrong in what they were doing (not that Athens cared); the point of the debate was that the people of Melos concluded it was wrong to surrender, even…

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