Russian Hackists VS. Obama Birther

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Okay I thought I was done with this honestly, but its still showing up on message boards, blogs, etc…

5 Key Findings From The Intelligence Report…

“Intelligence officials have assessed that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a sweeping, multifaceted campaign geared at helping Donald Trump attain the White House.”

  1. Russia wanted to help Trump win
  2. Putin, top officials were behind the operation
  3. Russia had sustained access to the DNC’s system
  4. Russian intel had a web of ways to make the documents public 
  5. Propaganda machine went after Clinton 

Yeah… it seems the bozos who called the birther bozos ‘tin-foil-headed’ are now taking on that role themselves. Do I even need to point out the irony here? Look, I’m sick of all of this. Our country needs to heal. So let’s go over these points and put an end to this, shall we?

  1. Of course they did. Why wouldn’t they?…

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