Transform Your House Into A Techno-Geek Paradise


The modern home has changed a lot over the last decade, more than most people though it would. But today technology is so advanced that the possibilities for transforming your home into a slice of techno heaven are greater than ever. It feels as if we’re on the cusp of a lifestyle revolution on the same scale as that which people living in Victorian England experienced when they first got piped water. In a word, it’s huge.

So what cool things are out there and how are our homes changing for the better? Check this out.

ISmartAlarm: Ever since the middle ages, we’ve been relying on bits of metal in our pockets to keep our homes secure, also known as keys. But keys are problematic. Not only can they get easily lost, they also don’t provide us with any active protection while we’re out of the house. The good news…

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