Why do some people still prefer print books over e-books..?

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There are some people who still prefer print books over e-books.Reason.? There’s nothing like the feeling of holding a copy of your favorite book and the enigmatic aroma of its pages.I’ve had faced questions from my peer group like “Doesn’t it take a lot of patience to maintain print books even after years.? Its best to go for e-books,you should make the best use of technology”..If the physical presence of a book can mean so much to a person,he is capable enough to preserve,maintain and cherish its presence for a lifetime..

I personally feel that print books are 1000 times better than e-books simply because I feel more at bliss when I hold a copy of a book and read fromit rather than download a PDF format of it and scroll through the contents..Moreover it is necessary for the future generations to understand the importance of print books..We wouldn’t…

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The New Haven Goes Diesel

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The New Haven RR was one of the first railroads to go heavily into dieselization.  They were quite proud of that and so was the manufacturer of the locomotives, Alco-GE. Here’s some scans of a couple of Brochures.

The first one.

NHdl1095 (2)

NHdl1095 (4)

NHdl1095 (3)

NHdl1095 (5)

NHdl1095 (1)

The second one.





Due to the nature of the railroad’s operation and it’s not having a lineside fuel source the new Haven pushed every cost reducing technology they could.  These locomotives are a case in point and they would do heavy service in the war soon to come.

Along with a video.

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