Our family consisted of two dogs and two humans. Then our 16-year-old dog, Lucky, died and we were down to three beings in the household. We had some anxieties about bringing another dog into our lives. We worried about finding the rightdog. We feared the disruption and tension the wrong dog could cause.

Our worries are over. We lucked into the perfect dog to complete our foursome. The process was fairly smooth. Except for the fact that my husband wanted nothing to do with it! He hates the idea of choosing one dog out of the thousands of rescue dogs who desperately need homes. So I had to do all the ‘shopping’.


I zeroed in on local rescue groups because we needed to introduce our dog, Lexi, to any potential adoptee. We had to make sure two dogs got along. I chose to meet one dog, Remy, who was…

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Is Dyno Tuning Beneficial?

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Is Dyno Tuning Beneficial?
When a car or motorcycle is driven for the first time after purchase, it has a limited amount of mechanical power within itself for ensuring safety of the driver on the road as well as keeping itself manageable. However, vehicle owners in Red Deer usually wonder how much power their car or motorcycle actually has and in what way it can be optimized. Dyno tuning provides answers for such questions – dynamometers are essentially machines utilised for measuring the torque, force or power output of engines in vehicle maintenance. They help in assessing an engine for determining transfer of power at various acceleration rates.

Dyno tuning can offer a wide range of long term benefits when done regularly:

Enhancing Daily Performance


The most significant perk of dyno tuning services is that they can unlock the stored capabilities of a car or motorcycle within legal limitations. They can optimize a vehicle…

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