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I would like someone to show me where it is written the characteristics on being masculine. This whole concept of what it means to be masculine is something that has always puzzled me. Who decided these rules on how a man should act? Can anyone tell me? I want to know why showing sensitivity is a bad thing. Better yet, who decided crying was wrong? There were so many years growing up where the only mantra I had was, “don’t let them see you cry, don’t let them see you cry;” over and over I would say this to myself. Also, I am afraid I never understood the whole camaraderie thing guys have over drinking alcohol because I was never a part of it, not a fan of alcohol. I have gone to many parties where people are drinking and carrying on and I grant you I feel like the…

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I sat at the beach and admired the sand crab for his sincere devotion to make his home, the firm hole, which seldom collapses. I tried and digged my hand in the sand and oops, the hole collapsed as soon as my hand was out. Sand crabs and our perception of reality, does this comparison really sounds sensible?

While writing this poem, Sand Crab, I felt the peace flowing in me, with the realisation that a small crab can also teach us something.😊

Mesmerised I watched the sand crab,

How beautiful he makes the hole in sand’s lap,

It’s his home or a secret place to take a nap,

His hole never collapses, I gave a happy clap.

I tried and tried, but my hole again filled with sand,

The tunnel never took me to the treasure land,

Am I not strong or I don’t have that…

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