Multiple choice exams.

White Padded Room

If you are a student, this is the general time during which you are studying for and writing exams.

Many of your exams come in the form of multiple choice questions. In the olden days, you know, when schools actually tested you on what you learned during the lectures and what you absorbed in the assigned readings, there weren’t too many surprises. If you attended class and studied, you generally got an A. If you didn’t study at all, you would get a C. If you briefly flipped through the material and only came to a few classes, well, you would get a B or a C. If you cheated, well, I dunno how that works. If you were good, you got away with it. I never did cheat, but in many walks of life, including government jobs, religion, politics, cheating seems to be the way to go. I digress.

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