Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Our 16-year-old dog died a month ago. We still have our seven-year old dog, Lexi, but we have decided we’d like to be a two dog household again. So we’re now on the ‘market’ for another dog.


My husband hates the idea of ‘shopping’ for a dog. Luckily for him, he’s never had to do it. He has had many, many dogs in his life. But by some bizarre twist of fate, all his dogs basically appeared on his doorstep, fortuitously. A puppy was hanging out alone on the beach just outside his apartment building as a hurricane hit the area.

To protect the dog from the storm, he put it in his car as he evacuated. He named the dog Hurricane and they were together for 15 years. A professor friend found out that a puppy was being stowed away in a college student’s dorm room. She knew Tom…

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Appreciate God For What You Are


(1) You think you are not pretty?

Answer-Someone is wishing to be as

pretty as you.
(2) You want more money ?

Answer-People are in poverty.

(3) You are hungry ?

Answer-A child is starving.

(4) You want to go to the mall ?

Answer-Someone is looking for anything

to wear just to stay warm.

(5) You want a boyfriend or girlfriend ?

Answer-Some children don’t have


(6) You don’t want to live any more ?.

Answer-Most people are striving to live.

(7) You are not brilliant ?.

Answer-Some will be very glad if he or

she knows a little of what you no

(8) You are chilly ?.

Answer-People are frozen.

(9) You need a car ?.

Answer-Some are crying day and night,

because they can’t even walk on

their feet.

Do not waste your time on things that you think you don’t have.

There is always…

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