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We are in the process of updating our railroad WebSite

Part of this includes the Central New England Railway. We did not invent this: it all came to us from Bernie Rudberg. Bernie was the ultimate railfan…….about the Central New England Railway. He started the revival of the Hopewell Junction Railroad Station and promoted the  Walkway Over the Poughkeepsie Bridge. He ran annual tours over the Central New England Railway.

But Google/Alphabet decided to squash Bernie because his WebPages were not “friendly” to  IPHONES and other “portable” users.

Well, here we are.

Some fantastic photos from Bernie. Photo credits from famous railroad photographers

J. W. Swanberg

Lee Beaujon

Roger Liller

Fran Donovan

Bob Lord

Others come from the “Tour Guides” he published.

Still others are NIMKE

R.W. Nimke published books a long time ago. His series on the Central New England Railway goes for over $600 on ebay.

Well the…

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Daddy please

Daddy please can you beg Who ever is in charge if I could see you , huh you , tell you I forgive you. Why can’t we see the ones we lost , they can see us but we can’t see them it’s not fair. I deserve the right to see my daddy , he owns me that. I would say ” Daddy why did you kill yourself? Why? why? didn’t you come to me told me what was going on I could have helped I could have saved you. Daddy please … To Mark David Wild may Angela lead you in R.I.P DADDY

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Once in a lifetime open house- your chance to attend

City Skipper Gal

b9316988962z-1_20150416164043_000_g0oagv8n2-1-0 Sorg Opera House

Sorg Opera Revitalization Group (SORG) invites you and your friends to our upcoming holiday open house, Sunday, December 4th from 11:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. This is a good chance to see the Sorg Opera House theater dressed for the holidays, take family photos, check out our movie theater seat sale, try our new “Music Hall” seats, listen to the new acoustics, join the seat sponsor members, find a few last minute gift items, and meet members of the SORG board. Admission is free and open to the public. Come and catch the vision!

Located at 63 S. Main St. in Middletown, Ohio, this Sunday is a great opportunity to roll back 70 years of time and see the full theater as designed following removal of the1940’s era drop ceiling formally attached to the second balcony. The removal now allows a full view of the historic balcony from…

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The dark-en deepen-eth


The nights are coming so early and the clouds have been so thick and low lately that it seems to me I have to start evening chores straight after lunch or I won’t be done by dark. Sunset is at 4.24pm.

cows and pig

Luckily Our John has taken to the milking and is doing very well, so while he milks I can zoom around the farms feeding and watering and be back inside by 4pm when it begins to get dark. My animals go to sleep at dark so I like them to be all tucked up according to their natural rhythms when it is cold.


The plonkers have come in from the Rat House paaddock and are lodged in  the barn as five of them are sold on Wednesday so I have to draft out the five biggest.  Plus there is snow forecast for today and if we get snow and then it…

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