Justice Served

Roger Bussey


18th September 2016: “You said these investments were safe, Keith!  You said I can’t lose.  How come I have lost everything…all my money, and home because I was fool enough to listen to you,” stated Ian, feeling gullible for this moment in time.

“I didn’t actually say the investment was safe, now did I,” Keith replied.

Ian Hooper was finding this conversation with his investment broker, Keith Moon, exceedingly distasteful.  On top of other faults, Moon has suddenly developed a state of amnesia.

“Even if you didn’t say the word safe, you strongly implied it!”  Hooper’s voice was rising, verging on the state of Hysteria.

“Okay, okay, just calm down.  You know you should never trust a sure thing.  Didn’t you read the small print in the leaflet?  There’s always risks.”

“Screw the leaflet, I relied on what you said, not what’s printed in some leaflet, by lawyers and…

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