So, today is Sunday, at least I think it is because I am getting the strangest deja vu that yesterday was Sunday. Ugh, that’s a extra-long weekend does to me. If today is Sunday, then tomorrow is Monday. I’m dreading it already. I’ve the Sunday Blues! I found out last night that one of my papers should be 8-plus pages long and will be due in two weeks. Yikes!

Meanwhile, we had the last of the remainder of this delicious duck last night. Some people have turkey for Thanksgiving, well, we had duck for Thanksgiving. My mom was craving duck after the hot pot that she had to make trip to Chinatown on Thanksgiving Day to grab a roast duck. “This is our turkey,” she said on the trip back. She was extra happy that day for some reason, which was contagious because I was happy too.

I started a…

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