My Diary: Finding A Face In A Footprint

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

June left the house an as ingredient for a recipe,‭ ‬leaving me to stir the dog and then take a large cup of tea for a walk.‭ ‬Another ingredient rung sometime after,‭ ‬although by then I was no longer hungry,‭ ‬and all finally returned home to cook a meal.‭ ‬I wanted to eat on a battlefield of painted crockery but June had already dropped my breakfast bowl and wrote no on a small piece of bandage lent to her by a mummy from an early part of the Late Kingdom.‭ ‬By coincidence I had been thinking of writing my memoirs on peeling tree bark‭ (‬I found out later that someone had cut down the tree‭)‬.‭ ‬As June went to listen to the television I hung a painting over the radio and waited for a large meal to swim past our sailing ship house ticking loudly.

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