Day 4 – Elf on the Shelf – Step Away from the Computer

Travels with Choppy

You can’t let the pets play with the computer around here, and you definitely can’t let the Elf anywhere near one, either.


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Taking up the Bass

Stephen Page

Decide to take up the bass. Bought a Squire Fender along with a Rumble 15 amp at a Guitar Center. Jammed on those while I was alone in my motel rooms on my recent U.S. book tour promoting A Ranch Bordering the Salty River. Back in Argentina, I blew out the amp and upgraded to a Rumble 25 (from Baires.Rocks) that has overdrive and contour buttons. Now I am jamming at ten times the volume and ten times the quality of sound (much to the delight of my neighbors, I am sure). Rock on!!!!
#fender #bass #rocknroll #bairesrocks #guitarcenter

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