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Planning to the Nth

What is the best thing that can happen to a travel blogger when she’s lost all her travel photos? Get the photos back? And that’s what’s happened. I took the camera card to Payam Data Recovery, just to check out if something could be done with it. A week later, I was picking up my photos, saved onto a USB stick. And so I can share the more interesting parts of my recent trip to England after all.  It’s fair to say I’m over the moon.

Back in Ely, I spent ages going from room to room in the house where Oliver Cromwell and his family lived for ten years. It’s quite a well-to-do-looking home, filled with very interesting English historical information, Oliver having run the country for awhile in the 1600s, before the Royals took over again.





The bedroom where Cromwell died. They say there's a ghost here. The bedroom where Cromwell died. They say there’s a ghost here.

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