Joe Lovano & Chris Potter – Sax supreme \ Jazz Middelheim 2015 \ Live at Den Brandt Park, Antwerp, Belgium

Jazz You Too

Sax – Joe Lovano
Sax – Chris Potter
Piano – Lawrence Fields
Bass – Cecil McBee
Drums – Johnathan Blake

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By M.E. Singer

In response to the long awaited, desperately needed re-organization of Amtrak announced January, 2017 by CEO, Wick Moorman, it is time to recognize a missing organizational value that a parallel ,previous problematic culture, United Airlines, recently embraced. Sadly, any notion of customer experience at Amtrak over the prior ten years before Mr. Moorman, if addressed at all, was through an “echo chamber.”

Acknowledging how Disney created the relevance of having an overall, hands-on perspective of the Customer Experience, United Airlines, under ex-CSX President Oscar Munoz, has jumped in with both feet, with United now having a Senior Vice President Customer Service Delivery. Indeed, the immediate relevance for Amtrak is how United has explicitly delineated its expectations for the position of Customer Service Delivery: “Our customers have told us they want…

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House Shopping in Leesburg, Florida

Dinata Misovec

This has been such a stressful week for me and, I suppose, for Andy too.  It’s not all bad stress, but stress none-the-less.  In October, we were driving all over eastern Tennessee looking at houses.  My dream was a large piece of property in the rolling hills with views of the mountains. Andy was going along with me, but not so keen on the idea.  Here is the one that captured my heart:

I mean, what is not to love there? Ten acres on a mountainside, part pasture and part forest? Actually, there were several things that made this impractical, all of which Andy calmly pointed out.  Unfortunately, he was absolutely right. We looked around some more, but nothing else moved me.

Then, while waiting here in Alliance Coach for a new window shade to arrive, we decided to look around in The Villages.  This must be the…

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Will Jerry Brown Turn To China to Fund California High Speed Rail?


By Noel T. Braymer

With Republican control of Congress and the White House, the prospect of additional Federal funding for construction of California High Speed Rail is bleaker than ever. In fact there is a good chance that efforts will be made to take back Federal Funding that has already been granted. Governor Jerry Brown is an old man. But he still has a sharp mind and has years of experience in politics. He has made his fair share of political mistakes, but has learned from them. Every attempt by opponents to outmaneuver Governor Brown in the last 6 years has found Governor Brown usually 1 or 2 steps ahead of his opponents with contingency plans to get his way. A priority of Governor Brown is the California High Speed Rail Project. If the United States government refuses to help build it, there are other countries that would likely be…

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Black, White & Blue

Glam Meets Girl

Hey Gang,

Happy Sunday! I hope that you are all having a wonderful morning and this posts finds you happy and well! Today’s post features features a pop of black, white and blue an outfit that I absolutely love. The top I am wearing from Zara is one that can work both day and night, and can be dressed up or worn quite casually. I paired it with these black booties that give the look that “pop” that I was looking for. I love the clean lines of black and the pop that blue gives any outfit. It gives this simple outfit the right amount of spice!

I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday, and make sure to check out my Instagram today because I have some exciting things coming up!


Glam Meets Girl x


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Type 2 diabetes, an invisible disease

Another morning I wake up and my legs are killing me. I knew immediately what it was, a nerve pain, diabetes complication. I tried walking around, massage, elevating them, all to no avail. Then I succumbed to the pain pills that is usually my last resort. After a while, the pain subsided and I felt as good as new.

A friend called, and after a brief exchange of how are you’s I mentioned my recent legs problem in connection with diabetes. She goes, no, it can’t be diabetes, it must be something else. And of course, one of her relatives had this very problem that turned out to be poor blood circulation. Inasmuch as I hate this sort of advices, I bit my tongue and tried to explain how it works. Not sure it registered but a small consolation is that I did try.

I did my best to put…

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midnight in wonderland

A Holistic Journey

we felt so grown up when we were kids and now wonder that we are so old when we're not yet grown we started losing our parents to time and frailty. in the cycle of life things go upside down sometimes you rush d o w n the   rabbit hole      into a world above the logic of sorrow and find you are so small, but remember: Mom's high ceiling, your sure ground. see the sky and trees in your pool of tears they're the other side of life. how beautiful things are when they drown how clear it is underwater. you long to run to the garden beyond that door but you don't fit life would feel deformed under the weight of loss if it weren't for the faith that was bigger than the life that shut down she archived her fears and hopes in her kids, did…

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