House Shopping in Leesburg, Florida

Dinata Misovec

This has been such a stressful week for me and, I suppose, for Andy too.  It’s not all bad stress, but stress none-the-less.  In October, we were driving all over eastern Tennessee looking at houses.  My dream was a large piece of property in the rolling hills with views of the mountains. Andy was going along with me, but not so keen on the idea.  Here is the one that captured my heart:

I mean, what is not to love there? Ten acres on a mountainside, part pasture and part forest? Actually, there were several things that made this impractical, all of which Andy calmly pointed out.  Unfortunately, he was absolutely right. We looked around some more, but nothing else moved me.

Then, while waiting here in Alliance Coach for a new window shade to arrive, we decided to look around in The Villages.  This must be the…

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