Type 2 diabetes, an invisible disease

Another morning I wake up and my legs are killing me. I knew immediately what it was, a nerve pain, diabetes complication. I tried walking around, massage, elevating them, all to no avail. Then I succumbed to the pain pills that is usually my last resort. After a while, the pain subsided and I felt as good as new.

A friend called, and after a brief exchange of how are you’s I mentioned my recent legs problem in connection with diabetes. She goes, no, it can’t be diabetes, it must be something else. And of course, one of her relatives had this very problem that turned out to be poor blood circulation. Inasmuch as I hate this sort of advices, I bit my tongue and tried to explain how it works. Not sure it registered but a small consolation is that I did try.

I did my best to put…

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