I hope the sun comes out


Boo is still on bed-rest and doing it hard. He is allowed short forays with me on a leash, and spends time on the chain by the barn where he can watch. Mostly I have to leave him inside when I go out to work so he does not run loose at all and John says he just lays on the kitchen floor and stares out the big glass doors. He will not move from there until I come back inside which is often hours.

I have been following leads to find a heat pad for him to lay his hurt side on but every single one I find in my price range seems to have problems with over heating.  Like all wild animals I have a horror of fire. After scrolling through Amazon for about 30 minutes (of precious break time) yesterday I gave up and went upstairs and…

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The Raven's Nest

green-snow-appleWho said beauty lies in symmetry?

Boredom hides there as well.

I know I was the child of symmetry. My mother used to tell me how classically boring I used to look: “Nothing substantial to notice you my dear. You will have to work at it.”

Well no need. Destiny fangs sunk deep in me soon after.

The first wolf ran off with my heart leaving me with a terrible tendency to cry and endure exacerbate emotions. Then at 14 another wolf took a good chunk of the right side of my face. While the first event wasn’t noticed by anyone, my mother who was the first one to feel sorry for my lack of physical distinction, was surprisingly more upset by this new turn of fate. My open flesh were put back together surgically by my father’s gifted hands. The scars did not vanished but were diminished. However the…

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AMTRAK Builds Momentum Behind Critical Upgrades

THE appointment of Mr Wick Moorman as president and CEO of Amtrak last September was greeted with enthusiasm from across the North American railway industry, bringing more than 40 years of railway experience and an intimate understanding of the freight carriers to the top job in US passenger rail.

Moorman began his railway career with NS’ predecessor Southern, initially working in track maintenance during his college days, before rising from management trainee to become president and CEO of the Class 1 railway. At a time of considerable political and economic uncertainty for the United States, Moorman’s understanding of how the railway operates, how it makes money, and how to influence policymakers in Washington DC should help to give Amtrak stability and build a future based on growth.

Indeed, growth has been a defining feature of Amtrak’s recent history, and ridership has now exceeded 30 million passengers for six consecutive years. Unaudited ticket sales for the 2016 fiscal year, which ended on September 30 2016, reached a record $US 2.14bn, a $US 12m increase compared with 2015. This was driven by a 400,000 increase in passenger journeys, which rose to a record 31.3 million.

Amtrak covered 94% of its operating costs from ticket sales and other revenues, up from 92% in 2015. Unaudited total revenue in 2016 reached $US 3.2bn and as a result, Amtrak reduced its operating loss by $US 78m to $US 227m, its lowest since 1973.

As he begins his first full year at the helm, Moorman is seeking to build on these results by driving efficiency and making Amtrak more responsive to the needs of customers. A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report published in January 2016 recommended that Amtrak should extend the use of its strategic management system company-wide and improve its financial reporting, and Moorman is keen to follow this path in 2017.

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