Bill Anschell \ Rumbler

Jazz You Too

Bill Anschell – piano
Chris Symer – bass
Jose Martinez – drums
Brian Monroney – guitar (1,4,9,10)
Jeff Busch – percussion (2,8)
Jeff Coffin – soprano sax (7)
Rich Cole – tenor sax (1)
Hans Teuber – alto flute (2), tenor sax (3), alto sax (8)



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Traffic Cone Two



I settled in as a student at Newcastle, living with five other undergraduates who were either first or second years. They were okay to hang around with, but not exactly mates-for-life material. We had a really drunken night out one evening at the Student Union bar and walked back to Summerhill House through shadows interspersed with street lights. Two students picked up a traffic cone each and put them on their heads. All jolly jape student stuff. Off they went down the middle of the road, drawing too much attention to themselves.

“Whhheeeeyyy. Come on!”

“Whoohhoooo. Yeeaaaah!”

The rest of us held back and watched as they shouted their way back to our student digs. As the noise faded into the distance, lights flicked on amongst the first floor flats ahead and skinheads looked over the balconies to see what was going on. One jumped, followed by several others and…

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Old Pictures From An Early AMTRAK

In posters from the era, trains were pitched to passengers as the most modern and aspirational way to travel.


With taglines in the 1970s encouraging travellers to ‘get off your wheels and on to ours’ Amtrak showcased a series of vibrant adverts depicting the freedom of the network


President Ford on an Amtrak train in the 1970s surrounded by supporters and the press


Staff members known as Red Caps at Santa Fe Depot in Fort Worth, Texas, move sacks and parcels between the baggage car and depot. Red Caps helped passengers with baggage navigate through the station; here they wear a jumpsuit introduced in early 1972 and their trademark red hats. The baggage car features the Phase II paint scheme introduced in 1975.


A color photograph showing the TurboTrain stopped at Petersburg, Virginia, during its 1971 national tour. This type of train was primarily used between New York and Boston until its retirement in 1976


Passenger service representative Patty Saunders speaks with travellers in a first-class Metroliner club car – known as Metroclub. In her role, Saunders assisted customers on the train and served them food and beverages at their seat. The first class Metroclub had roomy, individually reclining swivel parlour chairs and there was also a phone booth available to passengers

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Bedroom Design Inspiration


If you have visited my blog in the past few months you have heard me go on and on about the new house we just built. It was a huge project and I did a couple posts about it. Firstly I did a similar inspiration post for my bathroom and recently I did a tour of the finished product. If you are interested in those I will link them here and here. Today I will be walking you through my design ideas for my new bedroom. I am going for a mid-century modern look with some lux and feminine touches, sounds confusing? let`s walk through it so I can better explain my vision.

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