Wildwood, FL – House Hunting and Super Moon

Dinata Misovec

We have seen Bill and Dawn several times since we got to Wildwood, but I have forgotten to take a picture every time, even though I had the camera with me. Here is Andy with Bill and Dawn at Crispers for lunch.  We’ll see them again when we get to Marathon.

b1-andy-with-bill-and-dawn-latz-at-chrispers Andy with Bill and Dawn at Crispers in Wildwood, Florida

Sao got her annual wash and wax job while we were out to lunch.  I failed to capture the shine in this photograph.  Everything looks good except those fading vinyl decals.

b2-sao-annual-wash-and-wax Sao, Freshly Washed and Waxed

I spotted this great cloud on our walk yesterday.  It was a jet contrail, for sure, as it was all across the sky.  I zoomed in on one section to show the great streamers being blown off the bottom.  Looks kinda like a beard or, maybe, jellyfish tentacles.

b3-contrail-cloud-smeared-across-sky Cloud

I don’t know why it…

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