Make Music Social & Turn The #PartyUp @ PartyUp App Mega Launch



What would be a better way to show off the BOOM experience than connecting 100 of the Ultimate Ears wireless Bluetooth speakers, then throwing a mega party in one of the huge industrial spaces at Carriageworks?!!!

More than 100 UE wireless speakers were hung from the high ceiling, but PartyUp guests only got to see and hear them after two ‘human robots’ pulled back the curtain, allowing us to enter this ‘magical sound world’!
The DJing by The Twins; light projections on the wall; flame performances; coloured mist… It all created a surreal atmosphere. There was a bright pink #PartyUp pop up bar; drinks; canapes.., and of course, the incredible 360 degree sound and music pumping, filling up this massive warehouse.

What exactly is the PartyUp app? Well, this new and improved app from Ultimate Ears allows users to wirelessly connect from two to more than 50 UE…

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Wildwood, FL – House Hunting and Super Moon

Dinata Misovec

We have seen Bill and Dawn several times since we got to Wildwood, but I have forgotten to take a picture every time, even though I had the camera with me. Here is Andy with Bill and Dawn at Crispers for lunch.  We’ll see them again when we get to Marathon.

b1-andy-with-bill-and-dawn-latz-at-chrispers Andy with Bill and Dawn at Crispers in Wildwood, Florida

Sao got her annual wash and wax job while we were out to lunch.  I failed to capture the shine in this photograph.  Everything looks good except those fading vinyl decals.

b2-sao-annual-wash-and-wax Sao, Freshly Washed and Waxed

I spotted this great cloud on our walk yesterday.  It was a jet contrail, for sure, as it was all across the sky.  I zoomed in on one section to show the great streamers being blown off the bottom.  Looks kinda like a beard or, maybe, jellyfish tentacles.

b3-contrail-cloud-smeared-across-sky Cloud

I don’t know why it…

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