Understanding food labels. Free range and cage-free chicken. Part 2

In the Part 1 of Understanding food labels I have discussed a brief history of the free-range and cage-free chicken and the beginning of the transition to the cage-free chicken.  I continue, as the pressure of having the cage-free chicken began building, the egg suppliers ended up having to give in.

They didn’t like it but the law of supply and demand prevailed.  If this is what their customers wanted, they’d do it.  Rose Acre Farms, one of the biggest egg producers, is converting its operations to cage-free, and likely all the major suppliers will follow the suit.  The fast food industry has given its vendors until 2025 to produce range-free eggs.  This seems like an awfully long time but the problem is, this can be done only with a new generation of chickens and will take time.  Birds that live in cages can’t be converted into the range-free kind…

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Conversations Regarding a Gallbladder Surgery – A True Story

Surgeon: You have a stone of three centimeters in your gallbladder.

Me: The size of a golf ball? Well, I’ve always been an overachiever.

Me: How are you going to get a golf ball through my belly button? You’ll disfigure me!

Surgeon: I’ll have to crush the stone to make it fit.

Me: Crush it? But my friends want to see it. One of them calls it my ‘pearl’.

Surgeon: They don’t allow people to take the stones home anymore.

Me: Well, that’s a shame. I was thinking of making mine into a pendant.

Me: So are you a general surgeon?

Surgeon: Yes.

Me: Like Meredith Grey?

Surgeon: I’ve heard of her. She’s on some show?

Me: Yeah, she’s a rock star surgeon.

Surgeon: I bet she does more than fix hernias and remove gallbladders.

Me: Yeah, once she removed something from a guy that turned out to be his…

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