Hatred Cannot Be Our Answer…

James Radcliffe

In the early hours of November 9th 2016 Donald Trump won the 2016 Election and become President Elect of the United States of America.

If you are looking for details of that story, you have come to the wrong place; that is not why I am writing this.

I am writing this, for you.

For if you (as I do) think that Donald Trump as President is a Very Bad Idea, then we have work to do.

I know that it is too soon.  That for some of you the shock and disbelief will be too near; but despair is a luxury we cannot afford.

Donald Trump did not win the election by accident.  People voted for him; in vast numbers.  And this day is the darker for it.

If you are angry, I understand.  If you are scared, I understand.  If you cannot believe this is happening, I understand.

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By the Mighty Mumford

in case some out there forget,

Obama’s legacy got a “NYET’!

Disappointment’s no crime

But attending on time,

Is  grace with courage, I’ll bet!

Hopefully projects “half-assed”

Will by tomorrow have passed…

What Obama claimed as solid

Turned out mostly squalid,

Some of us are glad he’s out at last!

Don’t think me yet in Trump’s camp,

He has a ways to tramp…

The “show me”state

I sure can relate,

Can he really come up with the amps?

–Jonathan Caswell

-An opinion p[iece

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Cynthia Reyes

It’s November, the month when many writers write.

Not me.

I’m not working on the next book, not writing my blog, not even journal-ing every day.


In typical Cynthia fashion, I had a good stretch of days some weeks ago and was so thankful for it, I tried to do too much.

Ignored the warning signs. Committed other rampant acts of mindless-ness.

The bad pain came, then the flu. And throughout it all, the bloody nightmares whenever I slept long enough.

But pushing myself, as my therapist and journals remind me, is how I’ve come this far.

And I’m pushing again.


Twice a week now, I lead very small groups of individuals who are writing their memoirs.

None is a professional or even an experienced writer. But they are bright, interesting, mature people.

Some of their stories are painful to write, I know. But what a joy for…

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