Waterford Walls 2016

Making memories

waterford walls

It is too late to write about this festival, but I wasnโ€™t in the country in August and took my pictures only last week. An artist from Toronto created a mural for this festival, and I am happyย to mention one of my favorite blogsย ย Graffiti Lux and Murals ย that belongs to amazing Resa from Canada.ย If you want to see breathtaking street art, please visit and follow her blog.

The first two imagesย are the most impressive.ย Smug One, a Glasgow based artist, created these two photo-realistic works just a block from each other.

waterford walls

Very detailed artwork by AOW, Ireland.

waterford walls

Work by ESTR, Ireland

waterford walls

Blue Tit by Danleo, Ireland, is about to snatch a student ๐Ÿ™‚

waterford walls

More works in the New Street Park. I am pretty sureย the Fox is created by Brendan Butler, but have no clue who is the author of that Happyโ€ฆ

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