Recharging my batteries

Dearest Someone,

One thing Iโ€™ve never been very good at is self-care, I have moments where I like to think Iโ€™m the queen of self-care, but those moments are often short-lived, and theyโ€™re definitely infrequent. In actual fact Iโ€™m pretty rubbish at self-care, though Iโ€™ve got the skill of self-depreciation mastered.

Iโ€™ve lost count of the number of timesย Iโ€™ve been advised to take a break and look after myself. Admittedly I do cringe slightly when people tell me to take it easy, or to do something nice for myself. In reflection I know thatโ€™s my mental illness pushing me to feel as though Iโ€™m not worthy of happiness, or feeling at ease with myself. Of course, I can imagine we all have aspects of ourselves that sways toward the โ€˜self-destructโ€™ path; weโ€™re human, and we tend to be great at noticing our flaws, and forgetting that itโ€™s okay to put ourselves firstโ€ฆ

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