Sunday Song 11-13-16

Life of an El Paso Woman

Hi everyone! I know I haven’t had any music here in a few days so…here’s a relaxing song for a Sunday night/Monday morning. “Crawling” makes me want to meditate and/or relax on the beach. The song always seems to calm me down. I’m taking you back to 2008 with German electronic band, Sunlounger. DJ Roger Shah (a.k.a Sunlounger), who’s also an electronic music composer and producer, began his music career in 1996. According to Wikipedia, Shah has been featured in DJ Mag Top 100 five times peaking at number 21. He’s released more than 500 songs and his videos have been watched around 90 million times. As a music producer, he’s worked with several DJs and artists like Tiesto, Sarah MacLachlan and Bryan Adams. What do you think of this song? Have you heard it before? Feel free to leave comments! Take care, everyone! I’ll be back soon! 

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Flip the coin and accept Trump


​Every coin has 2 sides. Now when Donald Trump has been elected the 45th president of The United States of America who is a man of controversies and has gained immense publicity after giving controversial statements on women, African-Americans, Mexicans and Islam. However, instead of mourning and criticizing, we shall try to flip the coin and see the other side of it.

Trump is a hard core businessman who is pro business and pro Wall Street. He believes in less regulation and in letting businesses flourish. His tax proposals intend to reduce taxes across the board, thus giving a boost to consumption.

While on the other side, Hillary Clinton was aiming at increasing taxes on high-income families, large businesses, on algorithmic trades, businesses that moved operations out of the country to save taxes etc.

Trump has proposed to lower business tax rate from 35 per cent to 15 per cent…

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