My Tangled Thoughts…

Quill & Parchment

SAMSUNG by Sakhi

Dear Reader,

Why does life happen ? Why are we here ? What is our purpose to be born ? Ae we here to live and then to die, is life so meaningful ? Or do people like Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama is the only ones who have come to this Earth with a purpose. Sometimes life feels so meaningless, devoid of purpose and directionless.

I wanna try that very old mantra to try one new thing everyday, but I know there is a very high chance I might give up on it a week later, maybe a month or maybe a bit more, but how long can I go on doing that. Maybe family and friends give us some momentary happiness but I know there at times when I feel so lonely. In the middle of a crowd, I get so lonely, In the midst of…

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