My Sweet Little Heart !!



Hey you little Heart of mine,
You are my body’s mainline,
But why do you always cry,
Today u better give me a reply.

See my head, always full of things,
Never it is empty with Nothing.
See my brain how much they work,
They are always full of art and fireworks,

See my hands, how much do,
The amount of work they do, you have no clue.
See my legs how much they walk,
On any road, they willing stalk,

See my eyes, how well they see,
Who is sad and who is happy,
See my ears, how willing they hear,
Whatever anyone says, they listen sincere.

See my lips, how well they smile,
Even if it is not worthwhile.
See my tongue, forever it speaks, 
Of Love and Laughter, even though everything is bleak.

Then why my poor little heart,
Do you feel pain and tear urself…

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