Help! I’m Adulting!

Crown & Quality

Seriously. Is anyone else going through the struggle of transitioning to adulthood? I know I am not the only one, otherwise the word wouldn’t exist. 

I feel like I am being suffocated. Like I’m walking into Neiman Marcus and instead of everyone handing me perfume samples they’re handing me bills, assignments on assignments, and other deadlines and responsibilities. I understand that at 21 years old I should have gained a since of responsibility for these things but I guess I’m at the latter because I haven’t gotten the memo.

“Bills are like that annoying itch that won’t go away. Once you pay, you’re relieved and if you don’t, they will keep coming until you do. But when if you have 5 books in your hand, your purse, some chick-fil-a and that annoying itch. There’s no way you can tend to that and everything else. “- Old me.

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