Inspirational Women: Victoria Wood



Victoria Wood. Source: Manchester Evening News

This is a post I wanted to write a few months back, but honestly, I was so sad to hear of her passing that I couldn’t bring myself to write it.

That day was one where I just gave up on trying to do anything, and just lay in bed and watched her sketches.

So, here it is, my dedication to Victoria Wood, and why I think she is an inspiration to all:

She Knew No Boundaries

vic-and-ggboWinning CGBBO. Source: theexpress

Victoria Wood began playing the piano when she was a young girl.

She wrote a Bafta winning film. And a comedy series, or two.

And stand-up shows.

And songs.

Basically, her creative cup runneth over, and then some. She even won celebrity bake off.

I love the way she was never restricted in her work. (She did not say ‘oh, I’m a comedian, so…

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