Snake in the Kitchen by Joel F

Joys of Joel

poem about anorexia, bulimia, dieting, slimming, losing weight , joys of joel poems The Snake In The Kitchen by Joel F –

Tasting but not eating
sipping yet not drinking

Following the reading
of the book about slimming

Calorie counting
fallacies digesting

Swallowing pills
intoxicating chills

A Lying Mirror
lo’ and behold

Litany of lies
being told

The bulging hips
The sagging belly

Get those pills
and don’t leave any

Self esteem
that is diving

in a pool
that is conniving

the locked basket

scary casket
of pandora’s trinkets

Smitten and bitten
by the snake in the kitchen.

Daily Prompt: Hyperbole

Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.

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One thought on “Snake in the Kitchen by Joel F”

  1. This is going to sound weird, but you have no idea how much meaning this poem has for me. I know everyone interprets poetry differently, but I come from a whole family that has problems with food. Eating disorders, yes, (not me but others) but that’s the tip of the iceberg. I have a “hate” relationship with cooking and kitchens and entertaining for many reasons. So do others in the family. The kitchen has always been a tense, unsafe space for every single member of my family. Walking on eggshells. Not wanting to get into someone else’s territory. Being forced to do things in the kitchen that are tiresome and tedious, making eating unenjoyable. Having too much food or not nearly enough food in the fridge. Driving all over town to make sure the cheapest food can be purchased. Withholding of food as a punishment. Not caring about whether food will help or harm. Hiding secrets and walking on eggshells so no one screams at you. I don’t know if this makes any sense at all, but this is why this poem rang true for me. Thank you for writing it.


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