Looking Forward To 2017?

This time of year, you might be of two minds. You’re excited about the upcoming year and the possibilities of new projects, job opportunities, and maybe an upcoming vacation to someplace warm. But you’ve also read articles aplenty about automation affecting supply chain jobs, some segments of the economy are still struggling, we’re always a black swan event away from disaster and, oh yeah, there’s a new president on the way with some very different ideas. Welcome to the new normal!

Don’t despair, for there are many positives ahead. The Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, cloud technology, and robotics have all made their way along Gartner’s Hype Cycle curve and are now in operation. 3D printing is growing and machine learning/AI is picking up steam, as are driverless vehicles, drones, and VR. Even the political front has bright possibilities, with Trump’s infrastructure plan, tax reductions, and possible repatriation of foreign profits having the potential to light a fire under the economy. Things are looking up, right? Well, yes and no.

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The Who – The Who Sell Out (Album Review)



Rating: 9/10

Tired of all those mid-60’s by-the-numbers psychedelic albums? Sick of having to decipher their pseudo-philosophical lyrics only to find out that they mean nothing? Do not despair. With The Who Sell Out you can now have a psych album that’s both funny and rocking!

A band that had been in the business for 3 years by then, The Who previously brought you hits like I Can’t Explain, My Generation and I’m a Boy. But this is the first time an album of theirs feels like a cohesive whole.

But wait, there’s more: their re-creation of radio-inspired commercials and public service announcements makes The Who Sell Out one of the earliest examples of a concept album!

And then there’s the songs themselves. With one weird guitar trick Townshend makes Armenia City in the Sky the band’s most psychedelic song of all-time.

Odorono starts out as a bit of…

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