Book Review: God of Internet


God of the InternetGod of Internet

by Lynn Lipinski

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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I enjoy geeky stories so when NetGalley offered Lynn Lipinski’s “God of Internet” (Majestic Content 2016), I requested and was granted early access. This story follows a black hat hacker (G0d_of_Internet) who releases a worm into the internet that attacks America’s infrastructure–think water supplies and electricity–and will continue to do so unless America removes her military presence from all Muslim countries.

“This is how we will wage war on your land–not by sending ‘boots on the ground’ as you have done in our countries, but by turning your systems and your innovations and your openness into weapons against you.”

A talented team is quickly assembled to fight back, but with each step forward, they lose ground. Woven in with this attack are two subplots–Juliana Al-Dossari’s deteriorating marriage and the failing health of her child.

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