Product Review: OGX Weightless Oil and Lifting Tonic


Happy Sunday lovelies!

I don’t talk enough about hair products on here so I decided to talk about on I got recently from Ipsy.

I’ve tried OGX before and their hair oils are so good! I tend to have oily hair so I’m surprised how well hair oils work on my hair.

This lifting tonic is great for fine hair, which mine is not necessarily. But seriously if you want add some volume to your hair, look at this oil!

It’s easy to spritz on before going out or after showering. I’ve noticed when I leave my hair wavy, the lifting tonic makes it look effortlessly messy.

The spray has a pleasantly fresh scent and feels lighter than air. Seriously the label doesn’t lie when it calls the spray weightless!

I highly recommend looking into buying this hair oil, whether you have fine, thick, dry or oily hair. So worth…

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Sketches and Vignettes from la Dordogne


Once, I had a voice and I screamed.

Now, I have no more time to myself. I may not come often.

It will depend on the help I shall, may or might get – or not.

My life is now fully busy with The Girls.

Elder Girl is unmanageable because of her pathologies and because she hates me as I ask her to do things she does not want to do. The Younger follows the example of The Elder.

We have no hours.

They claimed for breakfast at eight this morning and went back to sleep in my arms until half pas twelve. I was lucky they remembered they already had their breakfast otherwise we would have taken another one. I washed and dressed The Elder. I cooked their lunch. I made the beds while they were having lunch. I wrote the shopping list. I drank a protein liquid…

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Me and the green

For the first time in a very long time I decided to rock the off shoulder trend. Before I dive into the outfit post, I wolud like to find out how your weekend went. Did you go for any event?? If yes was it an eventful one I hope it was though.

I went for a meeting with the mentors of my club. It was eventful but I felt lazy to go for the next one which was a Sunday.


Diving into the outfit post, I rocked this box printed off shoulder top which has been in my closet for a while now and never touched.


I paired it with my green skinny jeans and My heeled sandal.


I accessorized with a scarf which I usewd as a choker and my cute wrist watch and bracelet (wink)


Me whipping my hair. If you have that long hair flip it *big…

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