New York Central Shops At Harmon: Important to the Railroad

We just finished a new WebPage about the New York Central Railroad’s Shops at Harmon, New York

Take a look at it, even if you do not normally follow railroad history.

Great picture of New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey dedicating the new “NIAGARA” locomotive and four young ladies actually pulling a new “Niagara”.



Harmon Shops was responsible for preparing the “20th Century Limited” for it’s nightly trip. Had heard that it was the responsibility of the “Master Mechanic at Harmon” to ensure that Train 25 (the 20th Century Limited) reach Chicago without a hitch. Found an interesting post to a NY Central forum from Gordon Davids who knows this stuff:

“In the 1950’s time frame, there was no Master Mechanic at Harmon. The Master Mechanic was a division-level official, with his headquarters in the Grand Central Terminal office building until 1961, then in the division offices in 466 Lexington Ave. The road power for No. 25 (and all other “division steam jobs”) was maintained, serviced and placed on the train at Harmon. The Harmon engine house foremen and car inspectors were under the general supervision of the Master Mechanic of the Electric Division at New York (until 1956, then the Hudson Division). He would have had to answer to the Division Superintendent and System officers for any power failures en route. The same would apply to 25’s car equipment, which was serviced at Mott Haven and inspected at GCT under his jurisdiction. I believe that the Harmon Diesel and Electric Shop was a System shop, under the jurisdiction of a Shop Superintendent who reported directly to the System Mechanical Dept., but the actual servicing and inspection of the power for service was a Division function.”

Still looking for our picture of Governor Dewey boarding a train in Albany when he was the Presidential Candidate Accompanied by ONLY a New York State Trooper.


It took the assination of Bobby Kennedy until Presidential Candidates got Secret Service protection.

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