The Third Eye Of A Sole Survivor!

An Obvious Oblivion Blog

All of us areSeparate entities as Individuals. No one can make us feel happy or sad,Or restless, disgusted or brokenUntil we use our senses to feelAnd behave so.Individually, we all haveour own ways of coping With the Time Old Mystery Of what happens When we pass on, or even the worst,When we are on verge of The End.What will happen? what might happen? This is my way of thinking. How I'm coping personally,With my own upset self. How I handle myself andManage the constant pain And deal with the Heartache and the disappointments.I honestly believeThat we do live onAs separate entities. With time flying,  I have conceived an Idea that,Sooner or later, We are all spiritual beings,But different entitiesWith human experiences. We establish relationshipsTo learn more aboutOurselves and the processesThat…

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