How to be a Good Friend


It is said, that when GOD made Man and Woman,
He knew he would have to make another Human.

This Human, he gave to us, as Our Friend,
On whom, we could Blend and Depend.

A Family, is a Relationship bond by Duty,
But a Friend is one with whom, you share Life’s Journey.

Friendship is a ship, that never Sinks,
It is a mix of various kinks and Links.

A Friend is one, who walks in, when others walk Out,
A Friend is someone with whom you can be yourself and Freak-out.

Friends, are the most important ingredient, in the recipe of Life,
He is one who stays Beside you, even when you are in a Strife.

They say ‘Hold True Friends’ with Both your Hands,
Even in an hurricane, Beside You, they will Stand.

Then why, Today, you have become so Selfish, My Friend,
Why is it, that…

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