Book Review: Brain Storm


Brain Storm (Death Investigator Angela Richman #1)Brain Storm

by Elaine Viets

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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I haven’t read Elaine Viets before, but have heard about her, so was excited when Brain Storm (Thomas & Mercer 2016) showed up on NetGalley. In Brain Storm, the first in Viets’Angela Richman Death Investigator series, Angela struggles to tamp down a horrible headache as she investigates a car crash that leaves a beautiful teenager dead, the passenger severely wounded, and the two drunk and stoned teens who were racing with their high school friends reeling from what happened to their friend and the legal liability they face. Angela is able to sleep away her headache, but it comes back much worse, despite what is probably too much Imitrex. When that headache becomes a series of deadly strokes and a two-week-long drug-induced coma, we follow her through her near death and halting recovery in a hospital…

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