My Other Brother


miguel-and-kids Miguel (Center) in Bolivia

So you might as well know that I have two brothers.

No doubt, you’ve all read about Tack, my biological brother, but let me tell you about my other brother, Miguel.

As the people say, Miguel is my brother from another mother 😉

By the way, you might remember me mentioning, in a different piece, that he was the ONLY person to read the very first post that I ever wrote using Blogger back in 2008.

Did you hear me? Of course you didn’t but you know what I mean 🙂

Yep! He was the THE ONLIEST ONE!

Now that’s devotion right there!

Ah but it’s deeper than that.

Miguel also stayed with me at the hospital as I battled a life-threatening medical condition about four years ago.

Frankly, I secretly enjoyed observing the various reactions that I got from medical staff when I introduced him as my brother.

“Y’all don’t…

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