Halloween! It’s What We Do



Halloween! ย Itโ€™s what we do ๐Ÿ˜‰

By โ€˜weโ€™ I mean me, my son, Sir R, and my daughter, Lady J!

Warning: ย If you are one of those folks that donโ€™tย do Halloween for religious purposes, I respectfully encourage you toย feel free to browse and find another post that is more to your liking.

Lady G is not about being offensive.

So, with that said, please bypass!

Now, for those of you who are either covert or overt lovers of Halloween, I urge you to stick around and let me stimulate some of your fondest fall holiday memories!โ€

OK, as the opening line implies,ย I am a Halloween nut!

You see it all started back in the mid to late 1970โ€™s when Mama would take me and Tackย trick or treating.

Weโ€™d have a ball knocking on doors in order to collect andย stockpile chocolates, bubblegums, and hard candies.

We trashed the candy cornโ€“butโ€ฆ

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