How to Farmers Market in 5 Ways

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

I’ve been in my apartment for over 2 years now and there is this fantastic farmers market about 10 minutes away. I have never been. I have never been to any farmers market. Ever. But they always look so cute and fun! Couples walking hand in hand, with their coffee, down to the Farmers Market. So cute. But I didn’t realize that Farmers Markets are a serious thing! But it was still fun, I’m glad I went, I don’t think I need to go bad.

1. There are professional Farmers Market goers

Seriously! We’re walking up and I’m like oh wow, look at that lady’s farmer market basket. She means business! Then we turn the corner, and EVERYONE has one of these baskets! Or something similar! And what did I bring? Nothing. Literally nothing. As I just shoved some cash and credit card into my pocket. UNPREPARED.

2. I get…

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